1. Getting Started

What Is Degree Navigator Plus?

[Updated May 4, 2006]

Degree Navigator Plus (DN+) is the fastest, most powerful and flexible degree audit and academic advising system available today. It is web-based, secure and accessible around the clock.

As a student, you can use DN+ to:

The Degree Navigator Plus User's Guide has been designed to take you through a step by step process of how to use DN+ with flash-animated screenshots.

NOTE: The Macromedia Flash Player must be installed in your web browser in order to play these demos. While the Flash Player is often pre-installed in many browsers, you can also download this plugin at Macromedia.

To watch a demo, click on a link in the Table of Contents. The movie will open in this frame. You may have to wait a moment while it loads.

The flash demonstrations which make up the bulk of this User's Guide were created at a high resolution, so it is recommended that you adjust the display on your monitor to one of the following two levels of optimal resolution: