1. Getting Started

Flash Demos

[Updated May 4, 2006]

The Degree Navigator Plus User's Guide is unique in that, except for a few notes, it is completely done with flash-animated screenshots. Each topic is presented as a short flash-animated film showing you how to use DN+.

To watch a demo, click on a link in the Table of Contents. The movie will open in this frame. You may have to wait a moment while it loads. If, at any time you wish to stop, pause, rewind, fast-forward or restart the demo, use the playback toolbar located at the bottom of the page:

Playback Toolbar

NOTE: The Macromedia Flash Player must be installed in your web browser in order to play these demos. If you find that the Flash Player has not already been pre-installed into your browser of choice, the plugin can be downloaded at Macromedia's homepage.

The flash demonstrations which make up the bulk of this User's Guide were created at a high resolution, so it is recommended that you adjust the display on your monitor to one of the following two levels of optimal resolution: